Manager Salaries in Luxembourg: Unveiling Lucrative Opportunities (2023)


In the heart of Europe lies Luxembourg, a thriving hub for managerial roles that offer competitive salaries and promising career trajectories. As we delve into the intricate details of managerial compensations, you'll discover the nuances that make Luxembourg an attractive destination for professionals seeking financial prosperity.

Average Managerial Salary in Luxembourg

Based on a comprehensive analysis of 1800 salaries, the median annual income for managers in Luxembourg stands at €74,917, translating to an hourly rate of €38.42. This figure serves as a benchmark for assessing the earning potential in managerial positions.

Entry-Level Salaries

For those embarking on their managerial journey, the starting salary hovers around €53,250 annually. This entry point reflects the robust foundation for career growth within the managerial landscape in Luxembourg.

Experienced Professionals

Seasoned managers with a wealth of experience can command salaries as high as €106,845 per annum, attesting to the rewarding nature of the managerial roles in the Luxembourg job market.

Managerial Specializations and Salaries

Delving into specific managerial roles reveals a spectrum of salaries, each tailored to the demands of the position.

Sales Managers

  • Average Salary: €50,250
  • Based on: 284 salaries

Commercial Managers

  • Average Salary: €45,000
  • Based on: 204 salaries

Account Managers

  • Average Salary: €42,500
  • Based on: 56 salaries


  • Average Salary: €42,000
  • Based on: 262 salaries

Tax Considerations

Understanding the net income is crucial for professionals navigating the Luxembourg job market. If you're curious about your take-home pay after taxes, we've got you covered.

After-Tax Income

To calculate your after-tax income, consider the tax implications on the €74,917 annual salary. This knowledge provides a clearer picture of your financial standing.

Hourly Rate Conversion

Breaking down the annual salary into an hourly rate, €74,917 equates to an hourly wage. This insight is invaluable for professionals evaluating their time and effort against remuneration.

Active Job Opportunities

Explore the current job landscape in Luxembourg with active openings that align with your managerial aspirations.

Project Manager at Joint Allocation Office

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Source:
  • Responsibilities: Support development of new services, process improvement, and project management.

IT System Engineer at Joint Allocation Office

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Source:
  • Responsibilities: Provide second-level support and contribute to the IT system's efficiency.

Account Manager at Michael Page

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Responsibilities: Develop and maintain client portfolios, offer management, and customized service delivery.

Manager Comptable - Secteur Industriel at Michael Page

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Responsibilities: Supervise daily accounting operations for three entities, coordinate closures, and manage industrial sector accounts.

Diverse Opportunities Await

Luxembourg's dynamic job market, coupled with attractive salaries, positions it as a prime destination for managerial professionals. From tax considerations to active job openings, this article aims to equip you with the insights needed to navigate and thrive in Luxembourg's managerial landscape. Take the next step in your career journey, where rewarding opportunities await.


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