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    In this article we will discuss about Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India in 2022.

    There is a big demand for online digital marketing professionals in the present situation. In like manner, there is a requirement for particular specialized digital marketing companies. Inside a couple of years and after Covid-19 pandemic, much digital marketing appeared and serving customers with their quality work.

    It doesn’t make a difference in, if you own a big multinational company or a little store business, you will require digital marketing companies to promote your business and make online existence.

    Nowadays, digital marketing company have made a significant place in the world of business today.

    Here is Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India in 2022

    Best Digital Marketing Companies in India 2022


    iOTA Infotech began providing marketing solutions to different businesses in the year 2017. Recently, the company won the Digital Excellence Award because of its out-of-the-box solutions to businesses all around the globe.

    Along with the client retention ratio of 93%, this creative agency has been able to keep up a success ratio of 98%. The skilled team of 80 focuses on bringing something new to the digital era.

    Some of the services offered:

    1. Content Marketing
    2. Link Building
    3. Authority Building
    4. Creative Branding
    5. Online Reputation Management
    6. Growth Hacking
    7. Influencer Marketing
    8. Blogger Marketing
    9. Celeb Marketing
    10. Public Relations
    11. Inbound Marketing
    12. Creative Content Marketing
    13. Content Strategy
    14. Market Research
    15. Competitor Analysis

    2. Adsyndicate Services Pvt Ltd

    Adsyndicate Services Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1997 and its headquarter is in Mumbai .Adsyndicate is a one of the best digital marketing agencies in India having experience of over 24 years in the industry.

    They are focused on offering out-of-the-box services, which means, unique and extraordinary. Adsyndicate is a 360-degree communication and the biggest independent advertising , digital marketing company in India in 2022.

    Adsyndicate provide services like –

    1. Search Engine Optimization ( Seo)
    2. Search engine Marketing (SEM)
    3. 360 Degree Photo and Video Production
    4. Strategic Creative Consultancy
    5. Public Relations and Consulting
    6. Social Media Management
    7. Web Designing and Development
    8. Print Services & Branding

    Adsyndicate worked for big companies like State Bank of India, Tata motors, Manipal University, Union Bank of India, ISUZU and many more.

    The organization delivered some memorable brands to India. They offer all the required services to elevate a business’ digital marketing perspective.

    3. Webchutney Studio Pvt Ltd (Dentsu)

    Webchutney was founded in 1999. Webchutney is serving top Indian brands through its innovative way.

    Webchutney has additionally won more than 300 awards and industry acknowledgment for their work. It is one of the top Digital Marketing Company in India in 2022 and known for their innovative Ideas which enhances the growth of any business.

    Webchutney provide services like –

    1. Social Media Marketing
    2. Social Media Management
    3. Video Marketing
    4. Web development and Designing
    5. Mobile Marketing and much more

    It began from a small room in Delhi and has extended to three big cities in India including Bangalore, Gurugram and Mumbai. Webchutney is among top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India.

    Webchutney have done work with some big companies like Wipro, Microsoft, Titan, P&G Airtel, HDFC and some others.

    4. iProspect India

    IProspect was founded in the year 1996. It is one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. iProspect have their branches in Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore and New Delhi with more than 200 employees.

    iProspect India is popular around the planet and got many awards for its commitment and hard work. They help brands and businesses in staying in front of the competition.

    iProspect India provide services like –

    1. Search Engine Optimization (Seo)
    2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    3. Paid Social Media Marketing
    4. Paid Search Advertising
    5. Web Analytics
    6. Conversion optimization

    They make total extensive strategies for your businesses and help you run them also. The unique quality in this Digital Marketing agency is that they are flourishing with their new Ideas; they trust in uniqueness and they don’t go with the current plans of other digital marketing company.

    iProspect India have done work with some big companies like HDFC, Thomas Cook, Shop clues, Mahindra, Koovs , Yes Bank and others.

    5. WAT Media Pvt Ltd (WATConsult)

    WATConsult was founded in 2007. It provides a complete package of all the digital marketing services . They have branches in Mumbai , Banglore and Delhi.

    WATConsult help you from launching a brand to assemble a brand just as increment your driving sales on Digital world. This makes them a leading digital marketing companies in India in 2022 that is proactively taking an interest in each part of promotion and meeting the brand goals.They have expertise in story narration with the help of information and art coupled with technology.

    WATConsult provide services like –

    1. Search Engine Optimization (Seo)
    2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
    3. Social media marketing
    4. Mobile Marketing
    5. Digital Analytics & Digital Video

    WATConsult have won some award like Youth Marketing Award for Best Disruptive Digital Campaign (Jack & Jones) , DMAi Gold Award for Lead based search campaign (Reliance Group) & IAMAI Digital Award for best social media campaign (Bestseller Group).

    WATConsult have done work with some big company like Sony Six, PVR, Vero Moda, Only, Nikon , Warner Bros and some others.

    6. Niswey

    Niswey was founded in the year 2011 and it is located in Delhi, India. They have expertise in content marketing & web designing and they also provide SEO.

    Niswey provide ROI driven marketing procedures which generate beneficial leads and solutions. They have different customers from business services, technology and consumer based products ventures. Niswey is really good option in top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India in 2022

    Niswey provide services like –

    1. Lead Generation
    2. Hubspot on boarding
    3. Inbound Marketing
    4. Content Marketing
    5. Account based marketing

    Niswey has a group of experts who team up for every single task. One of their Co-founder is situated in Luxembourg and in this way, they have an experience and exposure of Digital Marketing internationally.

    They have done work with some mid range companies like DKHardware, Srijan, Sheroes and Qualtech.

    7. Mirum India

    Mirum India was founded in the year 2009. Previously it is known as Social Wavelength. Mirum India have their branches in Bangalore, Mumbai , New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. It is one of the best digital marketing companies in India in 2022

    This Digital Marketing Company has worked with the biggest brands and companies around the globe. It offers 360-degree solutions for national and International brands. They give the best advertising service to making and promoting brands and putting them on a world map.

    Mirum India provide services like –

    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Social Media Communications
    3. Social Media Listening
    4. Marketing automation
    5. Media Buying Content
    6. Digital Analytics
    7. Corporate Blogging
    8. Social Media Consulting and much more

    Mirum India won some awards including Best Innovation in Social Media, Best Brand Mobile App and Franklin Templeton Academy, Social Media Awards, Social Wavelength, Social Media for Empowerment Award, Social Wavelength, ISCC, Changing Consumer Trends in Personal Care, Apollo Hospitals and Digital Marketing Leadership Awards .

    They have done work with many big companies like Nokia , TATA Docomo, Nissan, Unilever, The Times of India, Asian Paints, Mother Dairy, Apollo and Havells.

    8. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

    Ogilvy Public Relations was started in 1980s. It is recommended as one of the best digital marketing company in India in 2022. They have their branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurugram and Kolkata. It is best among top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India in 2022

    They have a so much experience of involvement with the field as they have been working away at systems and strategies for a long while now. They have their presence everywhere in the world.

    Ogilvy Public Relations provide services like –

    1. Digital Transformation
    2. Branding
    3. E-commerce marketing
    4. PR and Influence Advertising

    They have won awards like Best Digital Consultancy in the World by the Holmes Report and Grand Effie and Agency of the Year title at APAC Effie Awards & Cannes Lions Network of the Year.

    They have done work with Philips, NASCAR, UPS, IKEA, Coke Zero and Tiffany and Co.

    9. Pinstorm

    Pinstorm was founded in 2004. Pinstorm involved in advertising and Digital Marketing at its best. They believe in providing successful campaigns and marketing strategies for their clients.It is an integrated promoting service provider that preferred content marketing as a stronger point for itself.

    Pinstorm know the demand of the steadily changing Digital market. They are changing their strategies and techniques dependent on that. They know that one idea won’t work at every time and hence, they endeavor to be creative and innovative in every projects.

    Pinstorm provide services like –

    1. Digital Transformation
    2. Digital Marketing
    3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    4. Search engine marketing (SEM)
    5. Social Media Marketing
    6. Integrated Advertising
    7. Viral Marketing

    They need to change the marketing cycles and make it more genuine and crude for the crowds. Consequently, they come with some stunning Ideas. It is also one of best top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India

    Pinstrom have worked with some popular companies including ET NOW, GQ, ICICI BANK, Café coffee day, HSBC and some others.

    10. BCWebwise

    BCWebwise was founded in the year 2000. It is well known one of the top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India in 2022 .They know the Indian Market vwry well and consequently, they can plan some profitable strategies and campaign.

    BCWebwise cook all the parts of the online world which incorporates promotion and advertising solutions for brands with web media services.

    BCWebwise provide services like –

    1. Mobile Marketing
    2. Web Marketing
    3. Social media
    4. Marketing
    5. Branding
    6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    7. Media buying and planning

    They trust in projecting their customers or clients as the big players of their industry. They alao provide 360° portfolio services. They have won many awards including Kokuyo Camlin – Colors of Ganesha, Best Marketing Communication (B2C) and Kokuyo Camlin – Love the Change, Marketing Campaign of the year, ASUS Agent Z, Gold, Digital Marketing (Creativity field), ASUS Zenfine2 Nightwalkers, Silver, Digital Marketing award.

    BCWebwise worked with some big companies including Unicef, ICICI Prudential, Axis bank, Nutrela, Asus, Maruti Suzuki and Hero .

    11. ClickBig

    ClickBig is located in Ahemdabad , India. Saurabh Pandey founder of ClickBig has more than 14 years experience in Digital Marketing field.

    They create customised and integrated experience for clients through your company. ClickBig have a team of specialists and thus , you can make certain of every one of your campaigns being a success.

    ClickBig provide services like –

    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Google AdWords ads
    3. Content Marketing
    4. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    5. Social media marketing
    6. Email Marketing
    7. E-commerce SEO
    8. Inbound Marketing
    9. Website development & designing and much more.

    ClickBig offers the entire package. They do everything from arranging a site to optimising it. Subsequently, it is consistently a smart thought to work together with a Digital Marketing Company which does everything.

    ClickBig additionally use the best tools for automation and consequently, you can follow every one of your campaigns and get results without any problem.

    Which are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India in 2022

    Here is the list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In India in 2022 –
    1.iota Infotech
    2. Adsyndicate Services Pvt Ltd
    3. Webchutney Studio Pvt Ltd (Dentsu)
    4. iProspect India
    5. WAT Media Pvt Ltd (WATConsult)
    6. Niswey
    7. Mirum India
    8. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
    9. Pinstorm
    10. BCWebwise
    11. ClickBig


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