Torlock: What's the new official address? (2022 edition) (2023)

Want to download series, movies or video games? The Torlock site is often a reference for some Internet users. But what is his address?

New facilities are appearing in the markets as Internet technologies advance. Among all other means of downloading, torrenting has its own value and place. We cannot compare any other download medium with torrent.

Torrent provides us with many features for secure, fast and manageable downloading of all types of data from smallest to largest size. Torrenting is fun. Is not it? But, finding a reliable torrent site can be very tricky, as many top torrent sites encounter numerous lawsuits which lead to many sites being shut down. So just Googling won't land you on the best torrent sites.

So, if you use Torrent download daily, then you probably know the site Torlock. Take a look at this article and find out everything you need to know about it, including where to find it today.

What is Torlock?

Fans of illegal downloading of films or series generally turn to the direct download ou the torrent. In this second category, the site Torlock has established itself as a reference for many users. It is a site dedicated to the download very used and appreciated by its users since its creation.

Torlock is a torrent directory without fakes, it displays on its homepage its number of verified torrents and daily new releases. And if you're undecided, the site will show you its top downloads so you can see which torrents other users are rushing to. All categories are represented so that you find everything you want.

Torlock is a vast platform that brings together more than 500.000 quality links. It offers all kinds of content. You will therefore be entitled on this site to:

  • Video games
  • Films
  • TV series
  • Music
  • Software
  • Books
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It is one of the simplest and most effective websites. Its interface is very simple and classic, it's true that it's not too graphic but it represents everything a user wants.

There are three different sections on the home page of the website. With categories that contain the different files, you will easily find what you are looking for. Its homepage features the most popular torrents in each category. In addition, next to the title a description of each file is indicated: the size, the seeders and the date of download.

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If you've never set foot on a torrent tracker, the concept is very simple. Think of Torlock as a catalog of files where you can search for what interests you. Downloading on this platform is even easier. You simply have to go to the site and you will be propelled into the wonderful universe of torrents.

Nothing very complicated, the download procedure is similar to that used on other sites specializing in downloading that you certainly already know. After choosing the file to download, click on the " download ».

A description window relating to the file to be downloaded appears. You simply have to start the download You will need to have a download software beforehand which will take care of the rest.

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The site in the eyes of the authorities

Due to its nature, Torlock, in the opinion of Internet Service Providers and Governments of many countries, is not copyright compliant. As a result, like many sites that have a similar purpose, it is the subject of complaints from the owners. Now it is banned in many countries.

The creators of Torlock don't hesitate to move the site from one domain name to another. Can escape the blockade of the authorities. Also, many users of torrent platforms have recourse to a VPN in particular to circumvent this type of blockage and escape the HADOPI, which has now become ARCOM. But it can be very difficult to find certain Internet users who do not use this type of functionality for a website.

What is Torlock's official address?

La Torlock's new address is: It is functional at the time of this writing. What you need to know is that Torlock often changes its domain name.

Indeed, some of the files offered are protected by copyright and government authorities such as Hadopi track this type of site, which forces them to change their internet address regularly.

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However, as you have probably noticed, the site is inaccessible from France. The latter was blocked by our ISPs and it is now only accessible using a VPN.

Why is Torlock so successful?

In the world of torrents, Torlock quickly built a leading reputation that has endured over the years. Although, searching for ebooks and manga can be laborious, Torlock is the best torrent site to download this kind of content. It offers a huge virtual library of books in various genres: classic, fantasy, academic, manga, magazine...

This torrent site offers an efficient browsing experience to Internet users, it allows them to download files in simple clicks. Also, if you're short on inspiration, the “Popular Books” section will help you find quality content.

Torlock is picky about the security of shared torrents, moderators check each new uploaded file themselves. All its arguments make it one of the best torrent sites.

Do I have to register to use the platform?

This site is completely free and requires no registration. Nevertheless, to offer a free service, the service displays advertisement and opens a new tab with advertisement when your download is ready. Simply close this tab to return to the online service.

What do you risk by visiting Torlock?

By using this kind of site, we always flirt with the red line in our relationship to the law. Thus, you can visit the site without fear. After all, it is allowed to visit more or less all the sites on the Internet without any problem. However, it is when downloading or sharing files that you will take risks.

In France, it is forbidden to download files protected by copyright. But it is allowed to download royalty-free files.

So downloading torrents on Torlock is completely legal. However, given the many copyrighted files, this makes its legality highly questionable.

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In short, if it comes to documents that you do not have the necessary rights, then you expose yourself to sanctions. So the best way to fly under the radar and avoid legal trouble is to use a VPN.

What is Torrent Software?

Torrent, also known as a "torrent file" or "tracker", is a small file that keeps track of where the file you want to download is located across a large network of different computers. It may sound complicated, but it's actually easier than you think.

The torrent is a small file which is used by a torrent client to let others know. The torrent file can be used to share media such as movies, music, books. with other people using a Peer-to-Peer or "P2P" network.

To use certain Torrent files, it is necessary to have software that can read the BitTorrent protocol. To do this, just install these Torrent software on your computer – the best known are uTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission ou Flood.

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What is the real Torlock site?

The Torlock address has changed and it has gone through many URLs. The real one is . Other addresses exist, but they are only pale copies.

Top Best Alternatives to Torlock to Download Torrents

Although Torlock is still in use, it regularly happens that it is inaccessible like the sites of direct download.

That's why discovering our exclusive list of Best Reliable Torlock Alternatives in 2022 to download torrent files for free and without an account:

  1. torrent9: Although Torrent9 becomes Oxtorrent, this site keeps several mirror sites online and has many similarities to Oxtorrent. Its interface is easy to use and its search engine is efficient. Its search bar then provides access to many torrents.
  2. The Pirate Bay: still afloat after 17 years and the biggest legal harassment of a modern P2P site in living memory. Despite a month of inactivity at the beginning of 2020. It retains its first place in 2022 among the best alternative torrent sites to Oxtorrent.
  3. YggTorrent : It is an essential torrent directory. On this one you can find most of the torrents you are looking for. Whether Films, Series, Ebooks, Training, Cartoons, Video Games or software, the choice is great.
  4. cpasbien: Cpasbien this pioneer of online sharing. It is a French torrent site and ranks among the best alternatives to Oxtorrent.
  5. Montorrent: Formerly OMGtorrent, Montorrent is a great site that offers a very diverse choice of torrent files. The site is a torrent search engine, plugged into the databases of several other very large torrent directories. This makes Montorrent one of arguably the most comprehensive alternatives to OxTorrent in terms of the database of torrents on offer.
  6. 1337x: Maintains its place in the top three. Unlike other more specialized research sites, it has a loyal group of users who provide new content daily.
  7. RARBG: Established in 2008, it specializes in high-quality torrent content.
  8. The resurrection of the popular anime torrent site continues to rank highly. It earns a place compared to other Oxtorrent alternatives.
  9. This is the unofficial successor of the YTS / YIFY group which closed a few years ago and which specializes in films. He signed a settlement for damages after several hacking allegations, but remains online.
  10. LimeTorrents: It has been online for more than ten years. The site is blocked by ISPs on the other side of the world. It has disappeared from the rankings of several search engines, reducing its overall traffic.
  11. Fitgirl Repacks: Specializing in game repacks, this is not a traditional torrent site. Its content is published in other mediums, although it also offers its own links, which is why it is added to the list.
  12. The original TV torrent distribution group EZTV shut down after a hostile operation in 2015. New owners claiming ownership of the brand.
  13. Zooqle: It has over five million verified torrents and is one of the best alternatives to oxtorrent.
  14. TorrentGalaxy: A relatively new torrent site, launched a little over two years ago, is added to this list. The site has a group of dedicated uploaders and an active community. In addition to BitTorrent links, it offers streaming content.
  15. ZT-ZA : Although this is a direct download site, Directory Zone sometimes offers torrent links.

Downloading a file through torrent sites can sometimes be tricky. That's why finding the best torrent sites without registration, reliable and rich in content is a good solution. To do this, see our selection of torrent sites which are more legal. And if you want to keep up to date with these file sharing sites and free streaming sites, you have all the information in our sections " Download " and " Streaming ".

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